Welcome to Think Bio

I’m Mark Pitman, and I created BioCogito in 2008 after I left my previous company, Proteome Software. My intent in starting Biocogito was to offer biotech startups a way to find early customers for their products. 

Over the last 8 years the focus of the company has changed to providing digital marketing and custom bioinformatics to biotech companies. 

In creating this blog I want to provide insights into current biotech trends, highlight clients we work with, and show how digital marketing and custom bioinformatics can help connect with the biotech space. 

I hope you like the blog, and am excited about sharing interesting and informative biotech findings with you. 

You can find out more about BioCogito at www.biocogito.com. Also feel free to follow our twitter feed at www.twitter.com/Biocogito

You can follow me personally at www.twitter.com/pitman_mark and my LinkedIn is at www.linkedin.com/in/markpitman